Compare And Contrast Essay Of Two Movies

Whether it is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the vampire-filled Forks, Washington they both are home to a teenage obsession. The magical powers and leading trio are found in both movies. The Harry Potter movie series and the Twilight Saga have many similarities and differences. First, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is led by the three main characters Harry, Ron, and Hermione. These three main

characters all have magical powers and have to keep their powers a secret from the “muggels”. The wizards in the Harry Potter series are born with their abilities and are trained to use them as they grow older. Something unusual about the magical beings in Harry Potter is that they are mortals and they can die. The Harry Potter movies are considered to be teen action movies. Secondly, The Twilight led world of Forks, Washington is also led by three main characters Edward, Bella, and Jacob.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">All three of the main characters have some sort of magical power or ability. The magical abilities of the twilight stars also must be kept a secret from the humans. In the case of the Twilight Vampires they have to be changed by an existing vampire to become one. The Twilight werewolves, however, are born with a gene that allows them to become a werewolf if necessary. The Twilight vampires are immortal and can live forever unless destroyed by a fellow vampire. The Twilight movies belong to the teen romance genre. Whether it is a movie about Wizards or Vampires there will surely be teen “super-fans” involved. Both leading trios have become media magnets all over the world. The targeted teenage age group definitely clung to both Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga. Though they have many similarities and differences Harry Potter and Twilight both are the center of teenage obsessions.</p>

Creating An A+ Compare And Contrast Essay On Two Movies

Compare and contrast essays are a perfect example of the phrase – striking a balance. You need to put together two entities of similar energy and potency; even if they have inherent differences. There also are bound to be clear similarities.

Take, for instance, two movies which may have similar precincts. ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘The Notebook’ are perfect examples –

  • One common link is how the hero is infatuated by the heroine in both movies and never loses hope of meeting her and marrying her. The hero in both movies is an average guy with a higher aspiration and carries himself suavely, if not extravagantly.
  • Again, the hero in both movies belongs to a superior class, and she is indecisive about connecting with him. Also, the setting is similar, at least in the first half of the movie.
  • Where the stories differ is that The Notebook is non-linear in its concept and the heroine suffers from dementia. This creates a sphere wherein emotions can be brought to the hilt and the director uses the masterstroke to cultivate a movie that will live long in human memory.
  • Meanwhile, in Notting Hill; the fact that the hero is apprehensive of his chances of getting the heroine and yet doesn’t take wrong routes is a lesson in how love should be cultured and nurtured.
  • The movies rate extremely high on the romantic count. The love making scenes are evocative and are shot with such aesthetics that you will hardly feel titillated. In fact, the handling is very soft throughout both movies; something which stays with you.
  • The inner in both movies is the dialogues, intelligently written and delivered. Some of them are so deep-rooted and suffusing that you will find them relevant in many aspects of life. Relevance is what makes love bloom in both movies.
  • One thing that differentiates both movies is that Notting Hill ends predictably while The Notebook has a very sad ending. Yet, both movies have a pathos you can relate with.
  • In Notting Hill, there is a dialogue that ‘She is just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.’ Both movies actually are just a simple narration, made in the garb if celebrities, asking to be loved by commoners. Your essay should attempt to run on similar lines.

Of course, you can understand the inflections better if you watch both movies. Then again, there is every chance that you have seen both and are in a spectacular position to comment.

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