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I started out with very basic Spanish and after a year and a half of twice-weekly individual courses, I am now able to converse very comfortably with my Spanish in-laws. My teacher, Carolina, is absolutely phenomenal and tailored all of our classes to my needs. She helped me immensely with both Spanish language skills and Spanish culture, a very important element of truly being able to communicate with my husband's family. Finally, one of my favorite things about IDESLI is that I can do my classes online over Skype when I have to travel for work. This was so convenient and really a life-saver when I had a crammed work schedule.

I took intermediate Spanish through IDESLI for work, and I couldn't recommend the experience enough! They're small group instruction courses are really intensive and helped me improve my language skills in a very short time period. Their instructors are all very warm, friendly, and professional, and work with you to customize your language needs. Also, their downtown campus is very central and easily accessible.

I had the most wonderful experience with IDESLI. My Portuguese professor, Celso, was among the best teachers I've ever had, and I'm a little sad to be at the end of my course of study. I learned at a very fast rate, but my teacher was also able to find time to open my eyes to Brazilian music, poetry, and film. I highly recommend IDESLI if you're in the Bay Area and looking for fast, effective, well-priced language learning.

I signed up for two Spanish packages with IDESLI and had a great experience. The first package had 5 one-on-one sessions with Carolina, followed by 5 group sessions with her. I was a complete beginner to the language and found Carolina to be an excellent teacher. She was animated, engaged, and focused on using the language in multiple contexts, such as ordering at a restaurant, getting directions, or talking to someone at an airport. Carolina also hosted a cooking class in Spanish for her students which was a great deal of fun. The second package I bought had 10 one-on-one sessions with Carolina and working with her individually in sessions conducted in Spanish was invaluable. I can now hold conversations in Spanish, am able to read simple texts and translate them, and I can understand the language when spoken to. Carolina used multiple media in her sessions; from songs, to clips from shows, to short stories, and she always adapted each class to student needs, whether in a group or while working with me one-on-one. She is a dynamic teacher who genuinely loves her work. The staff at IDESLI (Carla and Anna) were also responsive, organized, and always willing to help out with coordination or to answer questions if needed. This institute is a wonderful resource and I'm already thinking of signing up to take more classes with them!

I took several classes of Portuguese and I have made a great improvement. I love their method of teaching. My teacher Celso made classes more than just a learning language class. He taught me about Brazilian culture and history through conversation. I got way more fluent in a short time plus I had a lot of fun.

I am working in high-tech industry with a very strong passion for traveling. That is why I have decided to start a Spanish Course with IDESLI and this was a GREAT IDEA. The classes are really interactive and besides the grammar and vocabulary, you learn a lot the culture and tradition of places which is such an added value! I had classes first with Carolina and now with Alex, both of them are fun and not "conventional" teachers even though they teach you all you need. I would TOTALLY recommend taking spanish classes with them!

I pride myself on knowing the different pastas without asking the server when dining at an Italian restaurant. Agnolotti, cavatelli, bucatini -- the list goes on! my love for perfectly al dente pasta knows no bounds. Well, the problem became apparent when we booked our trip to Italy a couple of months ago. I freaked out because my Italian is non-existent and so... HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO ORDER A COCKTAIL AT THE BAR?!?! * well, you speak English of course! * I wanted to be able to confidently order in their language and sure, I can Rosetta Stone my way into learning Italian, but why not learn it from a REAL live Italian? Idesli offers Italian classes twice a week, but it didn't work with my schedule. Carla, the director, was flexible and accommodating. She worked with me to find a schedule that would fit and answered emails promptly. I got six private, 1.5 hour sessions at a fair price. My instructor, Valentina, is patient, kind and engaging. I learned so much with the personalized attention and she always encouraged me to email her if I had any questions. Learning another language is hard! It's like learning how to walk all over again. I'm planning to continue where we left off when I get back from my trip to Italy. I can say that in the short time I've had with Valentina, she taught me the most valuable lesson one can ever learn: the difference of intonation. Did you know that in Italian, penne = pasta, but pene = penis? o_0 You can't exactly order "pene" at a restaurant, right?

It is as good as it gets! I started my French lessons with Sophie and I'm more than impressed! They have a bountiful supply of resources, I'm able to practice my grammar and vocabulary with the additional recordings that my instructor has prepared. très bien!

I am a professional working in the hi-tech industry. I attended an english advanced course at Idesli to refine my accent, improve my writing and review my grammar. The teacher check your common mistakes at the beginning of the course and work to improve those. The teachers are nice, friendly but very professional and experienced. The classes are intense but fun. At the end of the course I can say I've improved a lot. I highly reccoment Idesli if you are in San Francisco and want a fun and useful english course

My experience with Idesli was perfect! They translated all my academic records from Portuguese to English because I was applying to a course at UC Berkeley. Alex and all team did a great job! In less than a week I received the translations perfectly and I sent them to university, being accepted days later. Furthermore, they were very careful with the service and always answered my emails or calls quickly.

I had very little & just basic knowledge of Spanish when I started my classes at IDESLI. I attended classes 2 times per week and in just a couple of months was pretty comfortable in basic conversational Spanish and learned a good amount in terms of grammar as well. Our teacher made it really fun for us and it was never a "strict" conventional classroom which made it enjoyable & easier to learn. It was so good that I would come from the East Bay just for these classes! Sad that I had to stop (because of my own work & personal schedule). But I will start again at IDESLI as soon as I can fit it into my schedule. I will not take a class anywhere else.

I have been really pleased with IDESLI. So impressed by their professionalism, their flexibility to adjust to the individual needs and aptitude to ensure the appropriate level and pace of learning, not to mention their curriculum. The teachers are all native and extremely competent, passionate, engaging and with a lot of experience. It is a pleasure to go to class and you always come out with a full reward of learning. I have been taking Spanish classes and attended both individual and group classes. Both of them are extremely effective and the flexibility of taking both is very useful. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

First and most importantly, I want to say that IDESLI is AMAZING! I studied abroad in Mexico while in college, but I have to admit that I've gotten quite rusty in the few years since. I was looking for an opportunity for some review when I found IDESLI. As a commuter from the East Bay, IDESLI's easily accessible location right off of Embarcadero BART was a major draw. I chose to attend the 9am class and made it up to the 5th floor about 10 minutes early. (Note: If you arrive early and the doors are locked, just hang out in the elevator lobby. The doors are not unlocked until 9am.) My first day, I found my class in the coffee room and was greeted by my first friendly and bubbly instructor, Carmen. The class was small, on any given day only 4-6 students. The atmosphere was like a conversation with a group of friends, themed around the vocab or grammar of the day. Halfway through my six weeks, we had an instructor switch to Elias. I admit that after having developed such an affection for how awesome an instructor Carmen was, I was a bit nervous about the new guy, but Elias was as equally knowledgeable, friendly, and fun as Carmen! Overall, the experience was great. By the end I felt like I had made significant progress, and I would recommend IDESLI to anyone who wants wants a local SF immersion into the Spanish language. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

I did some private tutoring in Italian and got a lot out of it. Anna was very forgiving while teaching. She remained quite focused and had a great sense of humor. It was also great to learn about southern Italy. Grazie per le risate!

I just finished a 10 lesson Spanish package with IDESLI and had a great experience. A little background on me: I minored in Spanish and studied abroad in Chile during college but found myself a few years out and faltering in my language abilities. I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Bogota, Colombia for work and began taking lessons with IDESLI to get back up to speed. I can confidently say that after 9 lessons I felt so much more confident in my Spanish abilities. My instructor Monica gave me great feedback and mixed the classes up with conversation, practices, and lessons. She gave me some great resources I can use later on as well. After these lessons I have used my Spanish so much more, in my professional as well as personal life, than I would have prior. I highly recommend IDESLI to anyone looking to take private Spanish lessons in the Bay Area. The private attention I received rivaled any college class I took. This is truly a great value. If I ever find myself needing to freshen up my abilities or to advance my abilities I will be going back to IDESLI.

We brought IDESLI in to teach Spanish to our startup employees once a week, and had a wonderful experience. Our instructor was extremely enthusiastic and tailored classes to our specific needs. Students were at different levels, but all were able to improve considerably. Organizing and scheduling classes was simple. It doesn't get easier than having class in one of your own conference rooms. Definitely give IDESLI a shot!

IDESLI is THE WAY TO GO if you want to learn or brush up on your Spanish. I took private lessons with Carla to improve my high intermediate/advanced Spanish and I learned more in 5 sessions than I did in Spanish 4,5 and 6 in college. Carla starts every class with some conversation and then tailors the class around your skill level. Carla also happens to be a complete delight; I can chat with her about anything. I highly recommend IDESLI and will definitely be going back!

I've been taking Spanish group classes at IDESLI for 4 months, and I have really enjoyed the classes so far. The classes have been completely in Spanish so it's great practice for both listening and speaking (I am in the beginner to intermediate range). I've worked with both Monica and Carolina and they are both great at making the learning material super fun and interesting!

I studied in Spain and worked for a summer in Costa Rica, but haven't lived in a Spanish-speaking country since 2007. I knew that I had been losing my Spanish skills without much practice here in SF. It's been great to have a few hours each week to refresh my skills. The thing that impresses me the most about the classes at IDESLI is that the teachers don't just know how to speak the language - they know how to get YOU to speak the language. Their classes are engaging and fun, and I'd strongly recommend them if you want to work with a school that delivers high-quality lessons.

I am taking Spanish Courses for the first time (high school doesn't count of course) after having studied Italian with a separate agency for the past 4 years.... I can definitively say that the methodology used and teaching skill demonstrated by the IDESLI staff has made my entry into Spanish infinitely easier. The approach to teaching - and they are truly teaching, not emphasizing memorization or "tricks" to learn the language - is natural, intuitive, and I find myself looking forward to the homework and recognizing my ability to better grasp the language in social settings (via music, movies, conversation) already. IDESLI is impressive and I am looking forward to improving my Spanish skills. It is also worth mentioning the professionalism and support of the IDESLI team - I know whenever I have a question, they are available to answer.

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