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The Journal of Molecular Cell Biology ( JMCB ) is an online, peer-reviewed journal interested in inter-disciplinary studies at the cross-sections between molecular and cell biology as well as other disciplines of life sciences. The broad scope of JMCB reflects the merging of these life science disciplines such as stem cell research, signaling, genetics, epigenetics, genomics, development, immunology, cancer biology, molecular pathogenesis, neuroscience, and systems biology. The journal will publish primary research papers with findings of unusual significance and broad scientific interest. Review articles, letters and commentary on timely issues are also welcome.

JMCB features an outstanding Editorial Board, which will serve as scientific advisors to the journal and provide strategic guidance for the development of the journal. By selecting only the best papers for publication, JMCB will provide a first rate publishing forum for scientists all over the world.

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Year Impact Factor Si: Cell Biology
2016 5.988 38 out of 189
2015 6.459 33 out of 187
2014 6.870 31 out of 184
2013 8.432 27 out of 185
2012 7.308 31 out of 184
2011 7.667 28 out of 180
2010 13.400 13 out of 177

Recently Published Articles

Open AccessOriginal Research Article
Preparation of L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid
by Fu Jidong, Zhu Xinyue, Du Feng
Cell Biol Res, 1(1). 2017.
In this paper, the effects of reaction time, reaction temperature and chloroform content on the yield and purity of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid were studied based on the synthesis of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid.The experiment in this paper was carried…

Open AccessOriginal Research Article
Structure prediction of RPE65 protein
by Eberhardt Fallica, Videira Colson, Herth Grinstaff
Cell Biol Res, 1(1). 2017.
The application of bioinformatics to the prediction of protein structure has opened up a new field for the further study of the biological function of protein. Bioinformatics software is used to predict the tertiary structure of RPE65 protein, and accordi…

Open AccessOriginal Research Article
Study on Antioxidant Activity of Tropical Orchid in Hainan Island
by Zhang Fengli, Liu Yalin
Cell Biol Res, 1(1). 2017.
Objective: To study the antioxidant activities of several tropical orchids in Hainan. Methods: rhodamine-6G was used as a fluorescent probe to determine the scavenging rate of hydroxyl radicals produced by fenton's water extracts from several tropical orc…

Open AccessOriginal Research Article
Development of freeze - dried starter for goat milk and yoghurt
by Ma Xiaoyun, Li Zhi, Lu Juan
Cell Biol Res, 1(1). 2017.
In this paper, we used sheep milk as the experimental raw material to study the breeding of goat milk powder, the enrichment and concentration of the cells, the preparation of the cells and the optimization of the medium. Through the propagation of lactic…

Open AccessOriginal Research Article
Study on the safety of proprietary Chinese medicines containing toxiccomponents
by Gao Xiuzhi, Hao Qian
Cell Biol Res, 1(1). 2017.
Chinese medicine is made from Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials into a variety of preparations of traditional Chinese medicine products. Prescription containing toxic herbs prepared by the proprietary Chinese medicines are known as containing toxic…

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