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Comparison of Two Advertisements

First of all, I will look at the history of advertising. Most historians believe that the first adverts were signs hung above shop doors in Babylon, now Iraq. This was as early as 3000 B.C. Many people could not read, so these early adverts were often symbols, for example a boot indicated a shoemakers shop. The first mass advertisement in Britain was in about 1472, after Johannes Gutenburg had invented movable type. It was a poster advertising the sale of a book, and was stuck to church doors. Many early adverts also told little truth. For example adverts for non-prescription drugs often told of cures for many ailments, falsely. With the rise of television and…show more content…

It's purpose is to persuade you to rent a car from their company, and is aimed at businessmen. The advert is mainly text, however there is one large picture at the top of a car with a man by it. There is also a smaller logo in the bottom left of the ad. At the top there is a big head-line which is a slogan saying: 'Men who are "going places" use Hertz!' This is quite prominent and is what you notice as soon as you look at the advert. The way this advert persuades us is to impact the thought of Hertz being an easy and efficient company to use. This idea of easiness is used throughout the advert and from the moment we see it its obvious. 'quick, easy, low-cost…', 'as easy as A B C'. These are just some of the slogans used in the advert. There is also a small picture of some building blocks, to give the effect of easiness once more. The picture of a man says something about the period. At that time women were still thought of as housewives and weren't expected to need a car to travel about far, so in this advert all of the language is about the men. 'Many men have found Hertz…', 'men who are going places…'. The language used in the advert is mainly quite informal, however in the 'small-print' part, the language is formal. There is a large use of hyphens and compound words, trying to persuade you about the

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A Comparison Of Two Advertisements Essay

A Comparison of Two Advertisements

Advertising is a way of publicizing a product that you want to sell.
There are many of different things to advertise, such as clothes,
shoes, cars, watches etc. Advertising promotes the latest goods that
are out in the shops. Advertising effects me everyday because every
time I see a advertisement it attracts me to the product and I think
about buying it or saving up to buy it.

In this assignment, I will be talking about two different car
advertisements; one car advertisement, the Fiat Stilo advert comes
from FHM magazine, a publication aimed at young men aged sixteen and
over. The other car, the Rover Streetwise advert comes from the Radio
Times which is aimed at people aged forty and over.

When I first saw the Fiat Stilo advert I didn’t like it much because I
found it offensive towards women. It had a picture of a woman holding
a bottle of fizz and next to the picture was a quote saying “your date
might want to take a doggy-glass of her favourite fizz home with her.
Wow her as you unveil the Stilo Abarth’s dynamic non-spring action cup
holders” this quote to me is implying women always make a mess, which
I find offensive. Secondly, it is an obvious marketing ploy directed
towards males, using a woman as an object of desire. It implies that
if the man buys the car, the woman will eventually come with it; in
other words, this sports car will get our dates, women, and sex. It is
obvious that I am not the target audience of this advert.

As for the second advert the ‘Rover streetwise’ advert, when I first
saw it I really liked it, because of the way the car looked but the
only thing that put me off the advert was the name of the company, I
don’t really like Rovers I prefer Toyotas and Hondas.

The Rover streetwise advert has pictures of daily life things such as
coffee, donuts, a football, children’s Wellingtons boots and a
shopping trolley with groceries inside the trolley. This indicates
that the car is a family car and is aimed at married women mainly but
can also be used by a family man to drive to and from work. The slogan
for the advert “shrugs of life’s little challenges” is related to the
pictures for example the child’s muddy Wellington boot. The donut
would represent the father who is hungry on the way home or to work,
the shopping trolley would represent that the car is useful for a
family shopping spree. The advert also uses the word ‘Bump’ which is
saying that even if a heavy load is in the car it can still go over
speed bumps. I like the way the advert creates an image of characters
in the readers mind, although you cannot see a physical person (image)
but the pictures imply their existence. For example, like when I saw
the picture of the Wellingtons, an image of a little boy was the first
thing I thought of. The advert...

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