Software Case Study Examples

ERP software development and implementation case study

January 15, 2018 257 Views

Client: US-based B2B product company with 20 years on the market
Creation of an innovative and reliable ERP software suite and its delivery to retail and restaurant businesses on an ongoing basis
Product: Cloud-based system that comprises ERP, desktop and mobile POS software, accounting and inventory management software, an administration portal, and an eShop
Applied technologies:Web stack
Yii, PHP, MySQL, Nginx
.NET stack
WPF, .NET Framework 4.5

Automated server deployment
Yii, PHP, Ansible
iOS stack
Objective-C, Swift,
CoreData, AFNetworking

Automated POS testing
Python, Appium, WinAppDriver, Jenkins, Allure
Automated API testing
PHP + Codeception

Machine Learning & Data Science
Scikit-learn, Scipy, Pandas, Mlxtend, adaptive selective model,
ABC-XYZ analysis, associative rules, Apriori algorithm
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Case Study: HIPAA-compliant cross-platform solution for healthcare industry

November 28, 2017 146 Views

Client and business goals: Digital transformation of health insurance services, patient empowerment and automation of care delivery for a $14 billion US hospital system... more →

IoT application development case study in automotive industry

November 27, 2017 349 Views


IoT solution for connected cars

Client: Germany-based vehicle electronics manufacturer

Business goal: Launching commercial sales of a new IoT solution with an accent on UI/UX and reliability.

Description:Active Suspension Control, EU-certified Internet of Things product. It comprises a device installed in a car and mobile applications that allow to control wheel suspension with a smartphone.

Applied technologies: Swift 3 for iOS, Java for Android, Bluetooth Low Energy, Agile management framework, prototyping and UI/UX design, hardware/software integration, manual testing.
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Restaurant reservations app development case study

October 26, 2017 313 Views

9 months of full-cycle software development led us to delivery of a Web-based B2C product for the restaurant industry. It's a platform for dynamic pricing services and reservations at restaurants. The front-end is a responsive website created with Bootstrap. The PHP-based back-end comprises logic with complex calculations

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Web Development Case Study: GrowthHackers

July 12, 2017 303 Views

There were numerous cases when MobiDev was addressed to promptly augment an in-house team to build a software product together. For some clients, MobiDev evolved standalone software products into a single ecosystem. It was done under a robust technology stack, which offered the simplest solutions to the most challenging technical tasks. Today's case involves both of these situations

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Case Study: R3ciprocity

December 28, 2016 175 Views

One of our main tasks is to understand the goals of our clients and help them with forming the single optimal solution. This is how it became possible to develop and deliver a high-quality proofreading platform on a tight budget. It's called Reciprocity (stylized as R3ciprocity), and our today's story will cover its creation, starting with product requirements made from scratch—and up to successful deployment

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MobiDev People: Custom Solution For Automated Staff Management

November 21, 2016 259 Views

MobiDev People, our staff management system, has garnered a lot of interest and positive response since we first introduced it. Now we gladly present a clickable prototype – check it in action!

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Taxi Booking App Development Case Study: RedRoute

September 26, 2016 325 Views

RedRoute is on a mission to help people make the most of their free time, by connecting them to the people and places that matter most to them, in any given moment. RedRoute designed a revolutionary software suite for taxi services that streamlines daily dispatcher activities, as well as provides drivers and customers with tools for convenient interactions, including ride requests, payments, and real-time driver tracking

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Healthcare Mobile App Development Case Study: Mood Cow

August 26, 2016 274 Views

Mood Cow is a mental care tool for primary care physicians and their patients – people who often find themselves under stress and are in need of quick and convenient assisted self-help. This medical app provides it, helping them to evaluate current psychological condition daily—and track it over time

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Grocery Mobile App Development Case Study: Urbery

August 19, 2016 284 Views

Urbery for Android is a fine example of porting an app to another platform within a short timespan – less than 3 weeks. This example was created for an eponymous service company that delivers grocery and

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