Biology Form 5 Chapter 2 Essay


 Form 5: Chapter 2 – Locomotion and Support 2.1 Support and Locomotion in Humans and Animals

Chapter 2: Locomotion and Support2.1 Support and Locomotion in Humans and Animals

Support System and Locomotion1. Provided by a skeleton.2. Types of skeleton:a) Exoskeleton – shell- insects and crabs- importance: i) supports important body organsii) protects the internal structures from damageiii) allows movementiv) waxy cuticles found on the surface of insects preventswater loss. b) Endoskeleton – bones and cartilage- vertebrates- importance: i) maintaining body shapeii) supporting soft tissueiii) protecting internal organs from injuryiv) stores mineral (calcium and phosphorus)v) produce blood cellsc) Hydrostatic skeleton – internal watery fluids held under pressure contained withinconfined spaces in the body surrounded by the muscles.- caterpillar and earthworm

The human skeleton

1. Parts:a) axial skeleton b) appendicular skeletonThe axial skeleton1. Consists of:a) skull b) vertebral columnc) the ribsd) sternum2. Skull consist of:a) Cranial bones – enclose and protect the brain b) Facial bones – protect and provide support for the entrances to the digestive systemand respiratory systemc) Suture – immovable joints which securely hold bones that make up the skulld) Jaw – movable joint

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Chapter 2: Locomotion and support


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2.1 Support and locomotion in human and animals  No Marking scheme Marks (a) What is the difference between locomotion and movement? Locomotion: Locomotion refers to the ability of a whole organism to move from one place to another Movement:

Movement refers to a change in the position of any part of an organism’s body but

it does not necessarily involve locomotion 1 1 2 (b) Diagram shows three organism P,Q,and R Describe the type of skeleton in P and Q 4

Organism P

F1-Hydrostatic skeleton E1-The support is derived from body fluid contained within the body cavity

Organism Q

F2-endoskeleton E2-the support is derived from hard skeleton of bones inside the body 1 1 1 1 4 Explain


 similarity and


 differences between the skeleton Q and R


P1-the skeleton support important body organ P2-It protect the organ form damage


Exoskeleton Endoskeleton D1-Found in the bodies of invertebrate such as arthropods D2-Found in the bodies of all vertebrate including fish amphibian ,bird, reptiles and mammals D3-Are non living D4Are living structure D5-Made up of chitin, whereas in crap it contains lime D6-Made up of calcium and phosphate 1 1 2 2 2 6

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