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How did you celebrate this New Years? Well, if you binged on all the “Modern Family” episodes for 2017 and laugh your head off then we have identical taste. Honestly, this off-beat family sitcom is one of my favorite shows. As usual, Phil stole the show with some of the funniest scenes of the whole year. Can’t wait to see Phil Dunphy in 2018!

Is Phil King of the Coasters?

So did 2017 knock you out?

Posted by Modern Family on Sunday, 31 December 2017

One of the best clips for this year, hands down was the slingshot ride. This was the stomach-churning moment when Phil and Claire (the Dunphy women, Ahem) catapulted 100mph into the air on a slingshot ride. So is “Mr. Cool Dad” afraid of roller coasters? He claims no, but once Phil got on the ride with Claire, he passed out.

If Ty Burrell (Phil) didn’t really pass out in that scene, he did an awesome job of acting like he did. Also, Claire’s face when she looked over at Phil was nothing short of comedic gold. In this episode, Phil’s 2017 New Year’s resolution was to live more dangerously. But I don’t think, passing out in front your wife, on a ride built for teenagers is “living more dangerously.”

Ty Burrell Wants 30 Years Of ‘Modern Family’

“Modern Family” would be the Extended Family if it was up to Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy). The two-time Emmy Award winner said that he wouldn’t mind 30 more years of “Modern Family.” Who could blame him? Burrell has something that many actors in TV Land could only wish for, a steady job. But soon his steady checks from one of television’s longest-running sitcoms will be coming to an end.

“Modern Family” has brought him recognition, respect, and success over the years. It will be hard to see the Dunphy clan go after 10 seasons of endless laughter. But like Phil always says,

“If you love something, set it free. Unless it’s a tiger.”

Tap Below to listen to Ty Burrell’s hilarious interview: 

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