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Instructional Coaches, also referred to as Instructional Coordinators or Curriculum Development Specialists, assist teachers with choosing the appropriate curriculum and technology for the classroom. Skills relevant to this position and found on example resumes include providing instructional coaching and collaboration with teachers on curriculum planning and curriculum maps and tools; and offering direct support to teachers in priority and focus schools under the law of flexibility plan for the education department. Instructional Coaches are licensed and can advance to more administrative roles once they are able to show a master's degree in instructional leadership or coaching on their resumes.

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Instructional Coach

Served as the Instructional Coach to a staff of 17 early childhood educators in grades Pre- School through Pre- Kindergarten 4

  • Modeled, demonstrated, and co-taught lessons using various instructional and classroom management best practices
  • Completed daily observations and provided immediate feedback to all teachers which improved instruction and student achievement in Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten
  • Worked with teachers to increase their familiarity with and utilization of available instructional resources and professional development opportunities
  • Regularly reviewed weekly lesson plans, observed teachers in the classroom, and provided teachers with reflective and actionable feedback
  • Collaborated with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, other instructional coaches, and additional staff to provide quality professional development and curriculum implementation guidance to teachers
  • Administered quarterly assessments and provided leadership in the utilization of student performance data to customize and improve instruction
  • Created and supported professional learning communities of teachers to improve the effectiveness of their teaching strategies
  • Served as the Advisor to the Coordinator of the Student Support Team (SST)

Instructional Coach, K

Led the teaching faculty to a 19% increase in student achievement during the school year. This overall growth in student proficiency led Cumberland County in growth and the school was recognized as a North Carolina Title I Reward School.

  • Selected to consult with literacy coaches from neighboring schools to revise and implement their school-wide remediation plan per the request of district level curriculum specialists.
  • Engaged classroom teachers in coaching cycles to develop teacher efficacy that ensured curriculum alignment, effective teaching practice, reflective practice, and higher levels of student achievement.
  • Led the fifteen-member School Improvement Team in developing and implementing district and school-wide policies that resulted in higher levels of student attendance and academic achievement.
  • Facilitated over 40 hours of professional development for district teachers and administrative staff.
  • Developed and supervised a school-wide remediation plan designed to use student place students in strategic, objective-driven groupings, which resulted in higher levels of student achievement.

Elementary Instructional Coach/literacy Professional Developer

Facilitated the implementation of the DCPS Teaching and Learning Framework by developing and executing Collaborative and Individual Learning Cycles

  • Created detailed coaching plans, which include focused goals and measures of success to drive learning cycles and supported teachers' achievement of goals
  • Analyzed teacher practice through ongoing classroom observations, data analysis, and examination of student work; provided clear and direct feedback to teachers based on analysis of practice
  • Participated actively on the school's Academic Leadership Team and acted in the capacity of the principal at local meetings on her behalf
  • Supported literacy instruction by developing and implementing school-wide professional development for students in Prekindergarten - eighth grade
  • Provided one-on-one coaching support to teachers by analyzing student data to drive instruction and support struggling readers
  • Tracked student and teacher progress to assess the effectiveness of coaching
  • Developed teachers' capacity to collect and analyze multiple sources of data to improve student learning

History Department Chair, Instructional Coach & Facilitator

Provided Common Core State Standards curriculum alignment informational training for district instructors and created resources tailored to curriculum objectives.

  • Developed district curriculum and assessments for World and U.S. History, provided strategic
  • Mentored, observed, and coached eight instructors weekly.
  • Generated school-wide needs assessments and coordinated faculty led development
  • Managed social studies department of eleven faculty.
  • Facilitated weekly meetings for an interdisciplinary cohort of 6 instructors of various

District Instructional Coach (stem)

Communicated and collaborated with school-based leadership teams to help improve instruction.

  • Provided individualized coaching to build teachers' capacity for success.
  • Designed and delivered high-quality, learner-centered professional development to teachers.
  • Created STEM curriculum and trained teachers in order to ensure student success.
  • Trained in and created district assessments and item authoring.
  • Planned and instructed using a wide variety of teaching aids, motivational and implementation

Instructional Coach

Observed content area teachers and provided feedback and specific strategies to improve instructional delivery.

  • Used observation and student performance data to identify professional learning needs to design and deliver site-based professional learning.
  • Facilitated professional learning communities to assist teachers with analysis of student data to inform instruction.
  • Monitored students' progress and arranged academic interventions based on formative and summative assessments.
  • Assisted teachers with planning lessons and activities based on Common Core State Standards.
  • Conducted lesson demonstrations and/or co-teach with teachers, as needed.
  • Conducted research base staff professional development.

Instructional Coach

Instructional Coach on a system-wide upgrade of Cerner Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, covering three (3) hospitals and training over 7,000 clinical personnel.

  • Collaborated with the Instructional Designer to create training materials including Instructors Guide, Classroom Exercises, and Cumulative Assessment.
  • Trained the trainers.
  • Delivered training and job coaching in advance of go-live and provided "on-the-floor" support after go-live.

Reading Specialist/instructional Coach, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

Served on my school's PTO Executive Board as the Teacher Representative

  • Facilitated weekly PLC meetings bringing focus each week on teachers' instructional needs in grades K-4
  • Modeled, observed, and debriefed both reading and writing lessons with teachers in grades K-4
  • Created data walls for Dan Mills which displayed students' assessment results and worked with teachers to interpret data effectively in order to drive instruction
  • Planned activities for Read Across America Week at my school including a Dr. Seuss Café, Career Day, and Family Read Night at a local bookstore

Teacher & Instructional Coach - Media Specialist / TAP Mentor Teacher / English III

Teacher & Instructional Coach - Media Specialist / TAP Mentor Teacher / English III

  • Managed use of the library administrative and instructional software, hardware, and network to enhance library services.
  • Established a collection development plan to meet the needs of teachers and a diverse student population.
  • Managed resources and hardware required to provide easy access to information.
  • Managed student behavior to maintain an environment conductive to learning.
  • Trained, directed, and supervised volunteers and student assistants.
  • Provided instruction to juniors and seniors in the areas of English and test preparation.
  • Performed other duties as assigned by the principal.

Digital Age Learning Instructional Coach

Mentored teachers with innovative integration of technology into their curriculum.

  • Strengthened teacher and student communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • Improved teacher instructional practice through co-planning, modeling, and co-teaching.
  • Designed professional development workshops to transform teaching and learning in the school.
  • Enhanced staff training through by developing context, challenge activities, and informative feedback.
  • Facilitated small group seminar discussions to make curricular decisions and reflect on best practice.
  • Marketed, led, and mentored a tech-savvy student group; 'Technology Leaders of the Galaxy'
  • Budgeted time to manage multiple curriculum projects from various grade levels and content areas.


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If you're looking for a new ed leadership job for the upcoming school year, now is the time to put together a cover letter that crushes it.

What do I mean by “it”? The competition. I hate to say it, but it's the truth.

Too many cover letters are milquetoast, run-of-the-mill statements of fact that do nothing—nothing—to get the applicant in the “yes” pile.

If you want to land your next admin job, you've got to ace the cover letter. (Read on for a free downloadable template)

The Cover Letter's Job

The cover letter's job is to get you into the “definitely interview” pile.

If your cover letter fails to do its job, the whole process stops. You're out of the running.

You can only write a solid cover letter if you understand its purpose. Your cover letter is NOT:

  • An explanation of the simple fact that you exist and are interested in the position
  • A narrative restatement of your résumé
  • A note to the reader that you possess the minimum legal requirements for the position

No, no, and no! Cover letters that only cover the basics don't give the reviewer any useful information. They fail to do their job…so you fail to get your job.

Don't Be Perfunctory—Sell Yourself

This is hard for us to do as educators, but in your cover letter, you've got to sell yourself as hard as you ever will.

This doesn't mean that you:

  • Brag or boast
  • Make unsupported claims
  • Explicitly say that you're the best person for the job

…but you need to make the reader come to the inevitable conclusion that you're the best person for the job.

I've read tons of cover letters that waste space with perfunctory, vague, and ultimately worthless niceties that fill the page, but don't help the reader fill the job.

Understand that you're actually doing the reader a favor by making a clear, strong case about yourself. Most of the time, reading cover letters is a total waste of time for the person reviewing applications, because they don't actually say anything enlightening about the applicant—and as a result, they all sound the same.

This is a mistake to avoid, but it's also a huge opportunity for you. Write a strong cover letter that sells your candidacy, and you'll stand out above the rest.

Don't Duplicate Your Résumé—Bring It To Life

The place to list your certifications, degrees, and years of experience is in the résumé. Your cover letter has a different job.

When it comes to qualifications, your cover letter should:

  • Connect the dots for the reader—always explain how the qualifications you're highlighting actually make a difference. For example, “My extensive experience working with teachers as an instructional coach has allowed me to develop both the expertise and the relationship-building skills that it takes to be a principal who is truly an instructional leader.”
  • NEVER mention minimum qualifications, e.g. “I have a beginning principal's certificate from XYZ university”. Nothing screams “rookie!” like a cover letter that brags about meeting the job's minimum requirements.
  • Frame your qualifications in terms of benefits for the organization, and especially for its students, e.g. “My passion for restorative justice compelled me to lead the development of a behavior intervention program that reduced out-of-school suspensions by 63%.”

In other words, don't just share facts that are in your résumé (and certainly don't share facts that don't make you stand out).

Tell a story. Put the picture together for the reader, so they see how qualified you really are, and what a good fit you'd be.

For another take on your cover letter, check out this episode of Principal Center TV:

Download My Ultimate Cover Letter Template

I've created a simple, one-page template for you to follow as you craft your competition-crushing cover letter.

It's not a fill-in-the-blank deal—in fact, you won't be using any of my words. But you'll have a paragraph-by-paragraph guide to what your letter should accomplish.

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