Superhero Scholarship Essay Examples

Allie S.
Dry Ridge, KY

Major: Architecture

Slowly I crouch,
& carefully take aim.
Mr. Gibbons sure is a grouch,
I'll aim for his brain.

I reload my bow,
& crawl across the floor,
behind me a grenade blows,
as I make my way to the door.

I inch towards the chemistry lab,
& as I'm rounding the corner,
suddenly I'm grabbed,
then WHAM! I end Mr. Boernear.

I slip into the room,
& stop when I sense movement,
I off Mr. Evans with a broom,
his zombie game really needs improvement.

I run to the supply closet,
Trying to read the labels,
something reeks of vomit,
then behind me I hear flipping tables.

Slowly I turn,
to see the zombies pressing in.
My stomach churns,
boy, I sure hope I win.

I grab the two nearest jars,
& pour them in a beaker.
I throw it towards the stars,
And crouch down near my sneakers.

A second passes by,
then the room is rocked by an explosion,
I'm completely knocked awry,
but the zombies look like they've suffered

Victorious, I rise,
raising my fist in elation,
but I'm staring into a pair of dead eyes,
this is an unexpected situation.

A straggler has escaped,
& I find myself unarmed.
I accept this as my fate,
& that I'll soon be harmed.

Gripped with the urge to flee,
I grab what's nearest my hand,
& when the zombie reaches towards me,
I stab it with a replica DNA strand.

Not a moment did I waste,
Not wanting to be a snack,
out of the school I raced,
not once looking back.

Vaughn M.
Virginia Beach, VA


Vaughn: A 31-year-old student seeking his doctorate in clinical psychology.

Kang the Conqueror: A Marvel supervillain and time-traveling despot from the 30th century.

Scene 1

(Vaughn sits at a coffee table contemplating life. In an email offering a scholarship, he is asked the question; who would you be, a superhero or a villain? Turning to his lovely wife, he proclaims …)

Vaughn: I should be the villain.

Caroline: What? Why!?!

(Vaughn stares into the distance; entering a world beyond imagination.)

Scene 2

(Kang’s first officer sees his commander open his eyes after a prolonged pause.) 

Officer: Sir, are you alright?

(Vaughn’s influence takes control.)

Kang: Status Report!

Officer: We remain in geosynchronous orbit over Earth!  The fleet stands by for your orders. Their champions, the Avengers, approach.

Kang: Just as planned… Commander! Withdraw the fleet. Set a course for the galactic center!

Officer: But sir …

(Vaughn, asserting his newly found power.)

Kang: You question, me!?!


Caroline: Earth to Vaughn! Where did you go?

Vaughn: By taking the place of the villain, I would be stopping him from “conquering.” If I became the hero, Kang would not be stopped in a day, but if I became the villain the problem would be solved.  In terms of powers, I would want to be a character in command of time and space.  With such power, technically, one day could last for an eternity.  There are so many options!

(Caroline rolls her eyes and finishes her chocolate cake.)

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