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by Stacy Blackman Consulting

Learn the secrets for creating standout essays for business school applications.

Stacy Blackman Consulting’s Essay Guide answers questions every baffled MBA applicants asks – such as “What should I write about?” and “What are MBA admissions officers looking for?”. The guide analyzes the qualities that Harvard Business School is seeking, dissects their application and provides pointed tips as well as samples from successful essays.

What are the secrets to writing the kind of essays that generate acceptance letters?   There are at least three:

  • Emphasize the attributes and qualities that each program is looking for
  • Understand what the essay question is asking and why it’s being asked
  • Compose a set of essays that “scores” all available points with the admissions committee

In our Stacy Blackman Consulting Essay Guides, veteran application strategy consultants and admissions committee members have shared their essay writing secrets with you.

In each of our guides, you will discover:

  • A detailed description of the attributes and qualities each program is looking for
  • A question-by-question analysis of what is being asked and why
  • Expert tips for the common questions the program asks
  • AND Essay samples and excerpts that will show you how actual applicants applied the tips to write essays that scored!

Learn secrets that will save you time, help you to avoid common pitfalls, and prepare you to write a set of essays that will make the admissions committee take notice.

Look inside our guides:

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Practical advice and answers to your burning questions:

  • What are MBA admissions officers looking for?
  • How should I answer that interview question?
  • How do I create a personal brand that makes me stand out?




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"Stacy Blackman Consulting's Essay Guide was invaluable to me and provided a detailed exploration into each essay question. The individual analysis helped break down daunting essay questions and get to the heart of the issues."

"The guide helped transform my essays into a much more potent representation of me. This was exactly what I wanted the admissions committee to see!"

"The Stacy Blackman Consulting Essay Guide helps define both what the admissions officers are looking for in a great essay and what would miss the mark. It offers a unique, in-depth analysis of each essay question on the basis of key themes and ideas that all well-crafted essays must contain."

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