Course 3 Chapter 4 Functions Lesson 4 Homework Practice Ratio

Practice AIR Tests

1) The link above will take you to the Practice AIR Tests.  After clicking on the website above, click on "Sign In". (You will be a guest.)

2) In the blue section of the next page, you will click the option "Select Grade."  Periods 4, 6, and 7 will be taking the 7th Grade State Test.  8th Period Pre-Algebra will be taking the 8th Grade State Test.  Then, click "Yes."

3) Then, on the right of the page in blue, click "Start G7 (or G8 for Pre-Algebra Students) Mathematics Practice Test."

4) On the next page, click "Select."  Then, "Yes" on the following page.

5) Finally, you can click the "Skip TTS Check."

6) The next page reviews the directions and how to navigate on the testing site.  When finished reviewing these, click "Begin Test Now."

We will be reviewing these questions in class before the state test.  You can keep your work on a piece of notebook paper, or on the last page of your ISN. 

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