Early American Writings Discussion 1.07 Assignment Of Rents

Early American Writings – 1.07 Discussions Piety: 1. What is the value and why was it important to them? Piety is a deep respect for God and the demonstration of ones faith through religious. Even before the Pilgrims traveled to the new world they carried it along with them and while there Piety got even stronger and powerful to them. Piety was important to the Pilgrims because their believes was that laziness is not Gods doing and all of the members depended on each other one person laziness could lead to serious hardship for all, they also believed that worshipping God they will be protected from all things. 2. How do the writers incorporate this value into their works? The writers incorporate this value into their works, In the text Model of Christian Charity, the author encourages settlers to always be at worship every Sunday morning for whom so every that don’t come will be punished, through this you can understand that this was one of their important value. The value became more important over time

Graded AssignmentENG303A/ENG304A: American Literature | Unit 1 | Lesson 7: Early American Writings DiscussionName: Date: Graded AssignmentEarly American Writings Discussion: 1.07 AssignmentAnswer the question in complete sentences. Be sure to use specific examples from the works in the unit to support your answer.At least 2 paragraphs(20 points)1.Now that you have finished reading the works in Unit 1, consider the ideals, values,and themesthat early American writers considered to be important and worthy of inclusionin their journals, sermons, and poems. What are these ideals and values? Why were they important? Did certain values or idealsseem to become more or less important over time? If so, why?How do different writers incorporate them into their works? Cite specific examples from the writings of Bradford, Winthrop, Bradstreet, andEdwards in your response.© 2008 K12 Inc. All rights reserved.Page 1 of 1Copying or distributing without K12’s written consent is prohibited.ScoreYour Score___ of 20

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