Paper Book Vs Ebook Essay

Paper Books Vs. E Books

Did you know that e-books, that require no printing, cost more than paper books? E-books are books that are rented or sold on Apps such as Kindle, iBook, Amazon, etc. They provide an electronic version of the book in which the renter or buyer can read it from time to time. Paper books are books that can be bought in any bookstores or borrowed from any library. Classic books with paper are much better than e-books. Due to this reason, publishers and buyers should focus more on producing and purchasing paper book. They are better because paper books are more long lasting and practical to read, paper books cost much less than e-books and e-books are less eco-friendly than paper books.
Paper books are more durable and more engaging to the readers than ebooks. According to Sammons’ (2013) study, “A paper-bound book can outlast the life span of a human being [while] [t]he typical lifespan of a high-tech device is about 2-5 years.” This shows that the books that buyers have purchased in apps that exist in those devices will perish when the device becomes more damaged or not updated to the owner’s wants. If this is the pattern of book readers then it can be assumed that with time there will be less and less books that people will be interested in or even saved. Another reason that they are better is they keep the reader’s attention for a longer time. Sammon’s (2013) study also found that, “When you are reading a paper-bound book, there is nothing else you can do with that book. You entire attention is focused on the text and on nothing else [while reading an e-book has many distractions such as the web].” This shows that when readers are reading paper books they are more likely to focus only on the plot and the characters of the book while people who use e-books are more likely to switch apps or read something else while they are reading that one book. Although e-books are supposed to cost less to produce it is still more expensive than paper books.
Paper books that have a bigger and more complicated process to manufacture actually cost less than e-books that are sold in websites. For example, Purdy’s (2010) study found that, "The Shack by William P. Young is [costs] $9.99 ... [while the] paperback option [costs] $8.47 with free Super Saver Shipping. [Therefore people] can purchase a paperback copy for less than the e-book copy.” This explains that even a book that needs to be sent to the buyer is less expensive than the easy-accessible e-books. This does not only occur in one website seller, it occurs in multiple websites. Purdy’s (2010) study also found something else, it found that, "[T]here are third party booksellers selling a new paperback copy [of The Shack] for as low as $5.45 ... [which means...

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Print Book vs. eBook

May 24, 2012

Print book vs. eBook, that one question on our Facebook fan page led me to roam the halls of Bookmasters, and crawl every forum and article written on the subject to find the answer. Who is the winner of this fight of the century? After hours of research and holding one hardcover book in one hand and an eReader in the other here are the results.

Some reasons people prefer eBooks:

  • Storage - People can store hundreds, even thousands, of books within one device.
  • Ease of purchase - Buying an eBook is just a click away.
  • Portability - The worst thing is finishing a book on vacation and not having the next book to start.
  • Price - The price of an eBook is usually less than a print book.
  • Purchasing Options - A person can find an eBook at almost 80 different online outlets.

What it comes down to is accessibility across the board. It’s a cure for the “right here, right now” syndrome that people can experience when buying new things. The books are available for purchase and reading at any time and any place (battery permitting).

Some reasons people prefer print books:

  • Tangibility - They get a tangible item for their money.
  • Accomplishment - They feel more accomplished when the mass of the book moves from the right side to the left and they know they are almost done.
  • Library - Some people like to have a library of books to select from.
  • Aroma - Some people like the smell.
  • DIY - One person has said she couldn’t use a stack of eBooks to prop up her couch if the leg fell off.

In all seriousness some people just prefer the print book because that’s what reading is about to them. Reading is going to the bookstore and browsing through hundreds, maybe thousands, of books to find the right one.  Then after finding the right book, taking it home and sitting down to escape life just for a moment. It’s about going to the bookshelf to pick out a book that may have been forgotten for some time. Some people think it is about age demographic and everything might change, but for now print books are here in force. All-in-all, it’s not something you can explain in full detail, but rather it’s something felt and expressed by avid book readers everywhere.

For The Publisher

The decision to print your book, release only as eBook, or do both, is a decision that is made early on in the process.  However, due to industry changes, it’s one that can be changed later in the process. Printing a book used to mean printing a large quantity and hope that everything sold, but since the very first eBook ISBN was released, printing companies began to change their ways. Print on Demand, or POD, is the new phrase that is teamed up with the conversation on eBooks. Why POD? The statistics all show that eBook sales are flying through the roof, but forums and our own Bookmasters Facebook page show that people still want to feel the real book in their hands. That leads us to POD. Printing a small quantity leaves room in the budget to convert to an eBook and when the eBook penetrates the market, it brings exposure for the print book as well. If the book starts to fly off the shelves, it’s possible to print a more substantial quantity of books to meet demand.

Is print book vs. eBook the fight of the century? Or maybe the best tag team wresting match to hit the book industry?


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