Speech And Language Homework Folders Label

My speech students have 2 folders...a homework folder (that goes home and back....and may risk never being seen again, thus the second folder) and a speech room folder (that stays in the speech room).

Behavior chart marker (paper clip), stamp chart, cover page

Speech students who come into the speech room have a speech room folder. Those who are speedy speech only or inclusion only do not have a speech folder (just a homework folder).

Here's what's in each student's speech room folder: 

  • Cover sheet (goals, speech room expectations, speech times)
  •  Student stamp chart
  • Behavior chart marker (picture) 
  • The Dollar Challenge 100 tracking page (post here)
  • As we work on tasks, this folder will house the different individual visuals, projects, etc. until they are ready to be sent home, posted on a bulletin board, or filed for progress monitoring (data!).  

My students keep their speech room folders in their grade-bin. 

The speech room folder routine looks like this: 

  • enter the speech room, find your folder in the grade-bin
  • take out your behavior chart maker and place it on the "Ready to Learn" poster
  • bring your folder to the table and open to the stamp chart, with your homework ready to be "stamped"
  • if we are  not taking anything out of our folders, the folders "go under you." (My students love this because I don't care where it is as long as it is "under" them and not a distraction. Some students choose to sit on their folder-literally, while others put it on the floor under their chair or balance it on the metal bars of the chair. This open-ended method is a great way to get compliance without a challenge from those more 'creative' students...!)
  • receive stamp (if earned) at the end of the session, re-place behavior chart marker, re-file folder in grade-bin.
This routine is faster and faster once the students are familiar with it. They like the independence and responsibility, and I appreciate the organization! 

I got a couple of emails about the student folders that I mentioned in my last post about data collection (you can check it out HERE).  Each student I see has a folder of the three prongs and two pocket variety.  They are responsible for bringing it to and from therapy.  There are a few things that I have them keep in their folder….

This is the cover page they have first in the prongs.   I have them do this on their first day of therapy.  I have one for speech….

and one for language….

  They fill it out on their own, with a little help from me.  This works well for parents to know when their therapy time is and what they are working on.  Then I have them make goals and we talk about how they will reach them…usually it says something like doing all my homework, practicing  in the classroom, etc.

Speaking of homework, I give it weekly. For artic kiddos, it is usually something we have made that has their speech words on it, or it could be as simple as a word list.  For language, its something we make, worksheets, or a lesson plan I send home.  I try really hard to maintain this part of my therapy because it is so important for them to practice outside of my room.  To help motivate, each student has a sticker chart in their folder and they get one sticker for each homework they returned signed by their parents.  After they fill up one row on their chart, they get to pick a prize from the treasure box.  All homework is hole punched and kept in the prongs, so that by the end of the school year they have lots to practice over the summer!  After spending money on fancy sticker charts, I started making them myself using a table in Word….the kids don’t seem to even notice and I save a few budget dollars!  This is what mine looks like…

Also for artic students, I keep a progress scale so that they know where they are in the hierarchy…quite simply, I got tired of the question “When will I graduate speech?”.  Now, they pull it out and see exactly where they are in relation to being done with therapy.  For the older ones, this is very motivating.  Once they master a level, they put a sticker or color in the box.  I think this was also created by an SLP in my district and I tweaked a little to my liking.

For younger students, or parents who request it, I also keep a speech calendar which I will write a little note letting caregivers know what we worked on that day.  

It sounds like a lot now that I have typed it all out, but those are my procedures. My students respond well to them and it is working great for us!   You can download them in the links below.  What do you do different in your speech room?

Student Folder Cover Pages

Speech Progress Scale

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