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This purchasing manager cover letter example communicates this job seeker’s best accomplishments and top skills with a call to action. Robert’s cover letter is the perfect companion to his resume. We included two strong bulleted accomplishments, which aren’t mentioned in his resume. Adding what his supervisor stated in the first bullet does grab the reader’s attention.

If you know the name of the decision maker at the company you are applying to make sure you address the cover letter to them along with the correct company name and address.

Stating why he would be a valuable asset procurement manager to the company is prominent in this purchasing manager cover letter example.

Cover Letter Writing Tip: Information contained in the resume shouldn’t be repeated word for word in your cover letter.

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Dear Mr. John,

I am responding to Able Manufacturing’s advertisement on for the Procurement Manager position. I have excellent abilities in procuring goods and services for businesses and sound tracking and inventory management skills. In addition to six years of experience working as a procurement manager for Sheffield Industries, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and the skills needed to succeed.

In my current role, I am responsible for oversight of all aspects of getting the services, products and materials my company needs. As part of the process, I conduct inventory tracking and management, financial analysis and budget development. I always ensure all staff are following the company policies and procedures in procuring all needed items as part of the process.

My strong needs analysis and identification skills lend well to my role as a procurement manager. I am highly detail-oriented and able to look critically at the business. I have excellent interpersonal skills and work well as a valuable team member.

I am certain I would make an excellent procurement manager for Able Manufacturing. I have enclosed my resume for your review and await your call. You can reach me either via my cell phone at (555)987-1234 or via email.


Stanley Epperson

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