Human Resource Management Reflective Essay Example

Gloria Hunt
MGT 303- Human Resource Management
Instructor: Demetra Blacknell
May 30, 2011

      For one to reflect accurately on the major components of Human Resource Management (HRM), they first must be able to identify what effective Human Resource Management is all about.   Human Resource Management is the designing of management systems to assure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish organizational goals. (Mathis, 2008)   In order for organizations to be effective, their Human Resource Management department must be effective to succeed. There must be an effective communication between all managers and employers, so that each will know what is expected in the organization as well as their goals and mission.
      There are several key components that make up Human Resource Management, they include (but not limited to): staffing, organization, development, compensation, and management. When Human Resource Management is being productive, each of these elements is consistent and work as one to be effective. Within each if these components, there are a few functions that is needed, they include:
    • EEO and affirmative action
    • Human resource planning, recruitment, and selection
    • Human resource development
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Safety and health
    • Employee and labor relations

Along with all this need information the greatest aspect of it all is employment development. There are bound to be challenges bought by the invasion of aggressive, unstable, social, technological forces. To obtain their competitive advantage, these particular corporations who utilize their Human Resource Management, must also apply innovative policies that enhance worker custody rates, and employment.
      Although each component deserves the same amount of attention I must reflect first On the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). These particular programs were created to...

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Human Resource Management Self Reflection
Tony Latta
BUS 303 Human Resources Management
Fred Jackson
9 January 2011

To be a successful business I have learned that the company must have a great Human Resources Management (HRM). As a future leader, I learned how to support Human Resources (HR) with business plans. I have recognized the impact of external and internal environments within the company; design HR systems to promote positive behaviors among employees, establish staffing and compensation systems to attract, retain and encourage the best employees, understand employee relations, manage change during difficult times and influence these strategic HR skills that add important value to business decision-making. As society and…show more content…

Once they have taken all of their tests and gone through the medical boards they are given a score. Based on that score and medical qualifications they are given a list of jobs that they qualify for, if they qualify at all. Some jobs require a score very high on the ASVAB and others don’t. Every job’s requirements differ from the next; some jobs like Special Forces require high physical requirements and must score well on the ASVAB. This way the Army can identify what kind of person they want for that certain job. It basically identifies the burger flippers from the rocket scientist. . The jobs listed are what have been determined at Army command level of what is needed throughout the Army using the Unit Manning Document (UMD). This document shows where there is an available slot for new airman.
Once the individual has been hired a company’s Human Resource Development (HRD) is used to train the new personnel. The explanation of HRD is “the integrated use of training, organization, and career development efforts to improve individual, group and organizational effectiveness. HRD develops the key competencies that enable individuals in organizations to perform current and future jobs through planned learning activities. Groups within organizations use HRD to initiate and manage change”

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