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Mike Nater NT 1430 UNIT 1 What is free software? List three characteristics of free software. The term free software is software means that users can basically do whatever they want to with it after you download it.The three main characteristics of free software are: The source code has to go wherever the programs goes, No one can keep you from redistributing/modifying/using the software, but users must be allowed to redistribute modified versions under the same terms/licensing. What is the Free Software Foundation/GNU? What is Linux? Which parts of the Linux operating system did each provide? Who else has helped build and refine this operating system? GNU is a mirror or was designed to be similar to UNIX. The operating system was developed by Richard Stallman. Linux is the name of operating system kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. GNU's tools aside the Linux kernel make the operating system known as “Linux” aka “GNU/Linux”. Basically since there are so many users on the internet that come in contact with it are the ones who helped refine the operating

Unformatted text preview: Both can be used to control a computer remotely through commands, but Secure Shell (SSH) is more secure than Telnet protocol. SSH offers security mechanisms that protect the users against anyone with malicious intent while Telnet has no security measures whatsoever. Telnet was designed to work within a private network and not across a public network where threats can appear. Because of this, all the data is transmitted in plain text, including passwords. c. Rsh and ssh Both are similar in that they can execute commands on remote systems. The main difference between the two (besides the actual TCP ports) is that rsh traffic is not encrypted and therefore a security risk; ssh traffic is encrypted. The other difference is that ssh is a secure replacement for telnet, whereas rsh can log into a remote system using the rlogin protocol, which is similar but not the same as telnet....
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